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Professional Home Health Care

Remedy Home Health Care is a Medicare-certified home health agency with an impressive 4.5 STAR rating compared to the national standards set by medicare.gov. Remedy Home Health Care provides services to home bound patients with a wide range of diagnosis.
Senior Man and Nurse in Nursing Home — Home Nursing in Northridge, CA

Our Services

Physiotherapist Massaging Leg of a Man — Home Nursing in Northridge, CA
Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists will assess and treat functional impairments that result from injury, stroke, surgery, fractures or other medical conditions.
Nurse Talking to her Patient — Home Nursing in Northridge, CA
Skilled Nursing
Individualized care to promote and assist patients in restoring health and minimize the effects of their illness and disability
Occupational Therapist Assisting her Patient — Home Nursing in Northridge, CA
Occupational Therapy
The Occupational Therapy is a qualified healthcare professional who directs, supervises, evaluates and provides services to patients

What are the benefits of Home Health Care

  • Care is provided in the privacy and com-fort of your home.
  • All services are coordinated with your physician(s).
  • 24 hour access to a skilled nurse.
  • Home care may prevent hospitalization/re-hospitalization.
  • Short recovery time.

What types of conditions would Indicate a need for Home Health Care?

  • New Surgical Procedure
  • New or change in your medical diagnosis New or changed medication
  • New or changed caregiver
  • New medical equipment
  • Difficulty walking, transferring, or performing regular daily activities.

Who can refer you to REMEDY?

  • Your doctor, family and friends.
  • You can refer yourself.
  • Insurance companies, nursing homes, hospitals and rehab units may also refer you.

What will Insurance cover?

Your insurance may provide complete or partial payment.

The Home Care team will explain your coverage and will bill your insurance directly.