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  • What is Home Health Care?
    Home Health Care is a physician-ordered service designed to enable patients to maximize their abilito to function safely at home by teaching patients and their caregivers how to provde effective, appropriate care. Symptom management, medication management, mobility and home safety issues are among the many needs covered.
  • How do I get this service?
    Patients have control over which agency they wish to be with. Ask your doctor for a 'Home Health Referral Order' to be sent to our fax: 888-446-0880. We can check your eligibility (Medicare, Private Insurance, etc) and let you know within a day.
  • When are services appropriate?
    Home health care is specifically designed to deal with acute medical changes in a patient's condition. These changes can relate to a worsening of a long standing diagnosis or a new diagnosis. They can be physical or mental in origin. We can help with wound-care management, medication review, improve mobility, and many other useful services.
  • Where is care provided?
    Care can be provided in your home, whether that is your house or a family member's, an adult family home, assisted living or retirement home. Home Health cannot be provided in a hospital or nursing home.
  • Once services have begun, how long will they continue?"
    Home Health services continue as long as it is medically necessary, based on the assessment of the nurse or therapy professional, your physician and changes in your progress. Usually services last for 3-6 weeks, but may be longer or shorter depending on each client.
  • What is paid for by Medicare and MediCal?
    Medicare pays for 100% of home health services when the patient is eligible for service and meets the criteria for admission. Remedy Home Health can verify eligibility for you within a day and answer any questions you might have.
  • What about private insurance?
    Private insurance coverage of Home Health services varies from contract to contract. You will know what the cost will be before service begins.
  • I've read that in order for Medicare or Private Insurance to cover for services, the patient must be "Homebound." What does this mean?"
    The patient may e considered "homebound" if they have difficulty leaving home by themselves, require assistance to leave home, or do not leave home frequenty due to their medical condition. The nurse or therapist will determine your homebound status during the initial evaluation.
  • What is "skilled care"? Will Medicare pay for skilled care?"
    Medicare regulations define skilled care as services that must be performed by a professional clinician that are reasonable and necessary for the treatment of your illness or injury. For example, after a hip replacement, the skills of a Physical Therapist are necessary to help with your recovery.
  • Will Medicare pay for a caregiver to assist with personal care and recovery at home?
    If you are receiving skilled services from a Nurse or Therapist, Medicare will allow for a Home Health Aide to assist with your personal care and recovery needs on an intermittent basis.
  • Will Medicare pay for someone to stay with a patient several hours a day if they cannot be safely at home?
    That tpe of care is ocnsidered non-skilled or custodial care and is not covered by Medicare, although it is sometimes covered by private insurance. Remedy also offers Private Pay options for out services. Feel free to contact us to review all your options on arranging the best care-plan for your needs.

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